Sunday, January 14, 2007


Bad expererience. On returning home from the wedding in Taiping last night, we discovered that our house has been ransacked. None of the neighbours heard anything. The criminal gain entry by prying open the back door grill. For that effort, the bastard took away small items including watches, piggy bank and loose cash belonging to the kids. Most likely an opportunistic criminal as it appears that most other valuable stuffs were not taken. This raises concern on my part as the criminal now know the contents of my house and appear to know when we will be in or out. Will he come back ?

I was thankful but at the same time amazed that he did not take away my SB800. He did take it down from the shelf and took it out of the case...

Police report was made and I have to commend them for arriving in less time than I dreaded. They took photos, dust for prints and made the report. I would have thought that they would be digital based by now, which will mean cheaper operating cost and increased efficiency. Film based camera and manual pen and paper was used. This then will have to be digitised once they reach the office. Sad situation. Repetitive work for them. Malaysia BOLEH ???

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