Thursday, January 18, 2007

Plants in motion.

Modesty protected.

The invader.

I am sure Mat Salo could create a riveting story based on this series of pictures. Depends on what you brain is trained to see I suppose...
Doc, my b'day. this year errr, 105VR used one also can.


Mat Salo said..., As if Mat Salo can pandai2 make stories of anything one..hehe.. Nice pix BTW, taken with 200? Saw Jaime yesterday, price so-so because evrywhere more or less sama, diff. is type of card (1G, 2G brand Kingston, Sandisk)they give and "other goodies". I think today I just go out and beli kat my rumah nyer either Fotokem or Bintang Maju... D40 here I come! Yahoo!!!

Jamal said...

MS already bought a D40....haiyya Captain, u shud poison him D80 at least. That D40, don't even have LCD status. :D

As for ur macro, they are good! Keep on shooting. One day we can do a photo-outing together. Butterfly park is good :D