Monday, January 08, 2007


Delivered the wedding photos that I was asked to take. The files and photos were my wedding present to the happy couple.

Thanks for the comments guys. Doc, like you I don't "do" wedding either. I only take pictures of close friends and family based on their request. I am not a very good people person, thus it is not easy for me to be a wedding photog. This recent case however, is different as the couple is a close family member. I know almost every guest.

More than a thousand, yes, 1,000 photos were taken capturing the moments involving almost everyone there. The cute kids, funny old folks, teary encounters, not to mention the very photogenic bride and groom. I had a tough time selecting photos to print for them as each one tells a story. The technically deficient ones were there too. Really off white balance (caused by video lighting), under exposed, wrong flash coverage and over exposure. From my original plan to print only 200, I ended up printing almost 500 for them. That and a full DVD of the JPEG files became my gift.

Oh, the D200, 17 -55 f2.8, SB800 and Sanyo 2500 rechargebles performed flawlessly too. Only wished I had the 70 - 200 f2.8 VR or 70 - 300 VR for more candid shots and longer reach.


Jamal said...

No need to wish...just go & get yourself a 70-200 VR.

Mat Salo said...

Cap, I thought you ada 18-200 VR? Ini one lens can replace all... Love 'em taps!