Friday, December 22, 2006

Broken Promises.

Photograph by cousin.

AN Uncle and Aunty was hit by a trailer from behind. The car spin twice and ended up in a storm drain. Fortunately, the incident occurs near a mosque at about zohor, the mid day prayer time. Unfortunately, Johor has been having heavy rain and the storm drain is filled with water. Somehow my Aunty was thrown out during the fiasco and ended up standing in water up to her neck, her attemp to climb out was futile as she keeps slipping back into the water. My Uncle was strapped in and still in the car, fortunately again his side was above water.

Both of them were finally rescued by people on their way to prayers. My Uncle had to be pulled out from the right window as the door is jammed. He suffers broken ribs and internal bleeding. She is traumatised but getting better, there's a huge laceration on the side of her neck due to the seat belt. Pray that they will get well soon.

Why the title broken promises ? Well, this incident really put a damper on my confidence in Proton because the friggin' AIRBAG DOES NOT DEPLOY !!! The car is declared total lost, the impact is tremendous, just look at the picture. To make matters worse, this is a Waja Premiere, not your common garden variety Waja. I just pray that this is an unfortunate occurance and not a norm. I would really hate to think of the thousands of Proton drivers out there driving with the notion of false security provided by an airbag that might not work when you need it to.


Azni said...

spot on bro on the air bag thingy! keta lain ada air bag, kite pun nak air bag jugak.. but in the end, my dad's big tummy was the air-bag that may have saved him. Apa2 pun alhamdullilah they survived the crash!!


Jamal said...

Peh! Terrible.....alhamdulillah semua selamat. Saman jela Proton!

ross said...

by looking at the damage i know why the airbag failed to deploy during the crash.
most car the sensor for the airbag is at the front side of the car so upon impact from fwd the airbag will deploy but in your uncle case the car was hit by the side that's explain why the airbag failed to deploy.that is why most european cars got more airbags all around the car not only for fwd seat.
then again how much are we willing to pay for safety.
on board the aircraft no one care to watch safety video eventhough that video will safe our life when the time comes.after 17 years of flying i still watch it just to refresh my mind.

Apandi said...

Yeah, I suppose you are right. About the safety video, its human nature. Bad things happen to others not me, so better read the inflight magazine rather than the repetitive safety video...