Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quote logic ?

Saw a quote today "Even Plants Need Love To Grow...." in an e-mail, apparently by a person going through unrequited love. It immediately struck me how illogical and self-centered the human mind could be. In this case, most probably using an old cliche to pacify the hurt and sorrow experienced. I just wonder, why is it that people keep expecting to be reciprocated in kind ? If you love something, love it as sincere as you can, not because you expect to be loved as you have loved. Perhaps I am wrong but, if you do something and expect a return, then its just not giving but more a business dealing, especially in matters of the heart.

Of course plants need love to grow, I even believe that if you talk to it every day it will bloom. I do it myself. The picture below is one of the plants that I have and cherish. It has little flowers which gave out a pleasant scent especially in the evenings and at night when the air is cool. It hasn't produced flowers for quite a while but since I talked to it in the evenings after work, it bloomed. Scientific explanation anyone ?

When I talk to the plants, I do not expect it to talk back to me, when I cherish the plant, I do not expect the plant to cherish me. Its enough that it grows in my yard. Please, if you have to do something, do it sincerely, the returns will come perhaps not in the form that you want, but it will surely come. So, talk to your plants and see it bloom.

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