Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Street vendors of Istanbul.

Flowers sold on the street in the Taksim Square area. Typically sold by ladies in traditional dress. So far the only item sold by female street vendors.

This is simit, a kind of chewy donut covered in sesame seeds. Taste similar to soft pretzel. In the hotels there's a simit buffet eaten with an assortment of meat and cheeses. Of course, the price there would be many times more than here on the streets. Simit is a very popular snack as it can be seen on every street in the city, if it is not sold in trolleys such as the one above then it is carried in trays specially adapted to be carried on the head or shoulders.

The one above sells all kinds of nut. Very similar to our "mamak kacang putih". All kinds of nuts.

The youngest vendor I found in the vicinity of the spice bazaar. He is seling vine leaves stuffed with boiled and spiced barley (I think). Just like in Greece, the vine leaves have been marinated thus having a sourish and saltish taste which is perfectly comlemented by the spiced barley in the filling. This boy does not just sell the food but also the gadget that he uses to make it.

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