Friday, December 29, 2006

Where do we go from here ?

Another waypoint is fast approaching in this journey we called life. A marker of time, counting the days that have passed and will never return. Where have we been ? Where next ? Do we really plan our passage or let the ebb and flow of tide carry us at will ?

Yesterday a colleague remarked " never seems to end does it ? Seems yesterday we were worried and excited about the Aidilfitri arrangements, then it was the school holidays and the trips, now with Christmas just gone, I am yet again bogged down with the Aidiladha preparation. One after another, never stops !"

From the movie Volver starring the voluptious Penelope Cruz " always leave a lot of unfinished business when you die, even if you do finish most likely its done all wrong. Forget it, if you have to go, just go."

Ultimately, thats it isn't it ?

Then again, while I am still living and breathing, perhaps I should heed Subra's nag and really work towards getting rid of this filthy habit. Though according to a Doctor friend, based on the latest research, if you have smoked for more than 15 years (which I have - god, has it been that long), then your body needs at least 15 - 20 years to heal itself. Statistically, I may have another 22 years, so if I quit now, most likely the day that my body heals from the nicotine and tar would also be the day that I expires. Hmmm.... The consolation comes in the form of financial savings and avoid the smell - don't like the lingering smell.

God, please give me the strength, wisdom and patience to quit smoking. Amen.

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Jamal said...

Buat buatla berenti menda2 tak sihat tu. :D