Friday, December 08, 2006

Fish in Kumkapi.

Its a nice place, a whole village of fish restaurant opposite the fish market on the main road leading to Serkeci. You won't be able to see it from the road though as it is beyond the ancient underpass with the cobblestone walkway. This place caters for both the locals and tourists. On the night that we went, there were more locals than tourists.

Starter of cold seafood salad mixed with pickles and olives.

Raw dried salted fish. Eaten with olive oil. Quite nice actually but we thought it would taste better if it was slightly grilled or crisply fried.

Turkish salsa of tomatoes, coriander, chilly and some other stuff. Not fiery enough for Malaysian taste buds.

Grilled seabass for Subra. It is truly fresh. Served only with lemon, half of a very potent onion and some rocket leaves.

I had sole, served similar to Subra's seabass. Yes, the fish truly is fresh.

Finished off with Turkish coffee. The first sip is similar to gulping down a tablespoon of nescafe except it taste nicer. Strong stuff. The fruits are complimentary. The whole lot cost us YTL 80 which is about RM 200. According to the Singapore delegation it was a rip off. They had a similar experince the previous night. The meal should be no more than YTL 40.... Anyway, it was an experience and they do have roving musician to serenade you while you have your meal.

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