Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Folding Boat.

I went on a fishing trip with Mr. Mak in January 2001. Was not so interested in the fishing actually as I do not have the patience and prefer to get fish from the markets instead of fishing for it. I was very interested to see and have a ride in his folding boat. That's the boat loaded on top of my CRV. Of course there are bits and pieces of it in the car i.e. transom, seats, engine, gas tank etc.

The boat being unfolded with bits and pieces strewn about.

Its taking form with one seat in place.

Two seats and the sides secured.

All three seats and the transom attached.

This is the hardest part as it was low tide and we have to carry the boat and engine out quite a distance to get to the water. Actually we could just pull the boat along the sand but that seems risky at the time as the beach is littered with sharp stones and other objects.

The ride is not bad, you can feel the boat flex with the waves and I was quite certain that at some point it felt like being on a water bed.

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