Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fishing in the Bhosporus.

This certainly seems to be a very popular activity. The whole of Galata Bridge on both sides were filled with people. There are even support services available, this includes vendors for fishing implement, snacks and food even photographer who can provide prints to you immediately. Interestingly, they are using digital and not polaroid.
Ironically, at the end of the bridge, behind the white van in the above picture is a fish market....

The fish that they caught appears to be anchovies or perhaps small sardines. No live bait were used. In the market mentioned above these small fishes were kept in huge plastic containers with running water and sold while still alive. It appears to be popular as the restaurants in the area display them already marinated to be grilled... I have not yet had the opportunity to try them as fish restaurants are more expensive than the regular kebab joint.

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