Thursday, December 14, 2006

July 14, 2002.

The major accident that I still shivers about, not because of the event itself, but of the consequences that may have been. What if anything were to happen to my wife or kids ? What if someone was to get killed ? What if someone was to be crippled ? Alhamdulillah, only the car was declared as total loss.
This is my beloved CRV, a recon car bought unregistered and maintained by an ex-Honda mechanic. On the fateful day, the front right tyre gave way, the car slid sideways which causes the front left tyre to explode. The car tumbles three times, went into the culvert and jumped out again to land right side up. No other vehicles were involved, and no I was not speeding.
It was only much later that a friend working with Honda told me that, most probably, it was not the tyre that gave way but the 4WD system. Apparently, it has some sort of 4WD gear thingy which is supposed to be in an oil bath under the carriage. His theory is that since this is a recon car, it might have dried and when it tries to engage (on the CRV its sensor based - no human input), no lubrication so it just jammed.

The worst casualty is my dear mother who to this day still complains of aches in her right arm. She sat directly behind me. The kids were OK except for some bruises. I can still hear my son crying softly asking what has happened to our car.

The only injury I sustain was a cut near my eye. My wife saved my life when she pulled me aside as the roof caved in. My sight was saved by the OAKLEY M frame that I was wearing. The edge of the windshield frame was heading towards my forehead as it collapsed, as my wife pulled me away, it scrapes the OAKLEY away from me causing the cut instead of gauging my eyes out. I still keep the remains of the OAKLEY.


Jamal said...

I didn't know u had an accident before!! More reasons to get an ODC....8 airbags

zulfa said...

hmm captain,
the A pillar collapsed. next time get a continental car. better chance of survival.