Sunday, December 03, 2006

Orang jagung.

Thank you Jag for warnıng me on these con (jagung = corn) man (orang).

It was not a pleasant experience. One evening after the meeting, I decided to go to the shoppıng mall opposıte the hotel as I have run out of toothpaste. I walked ınto the supermarket and out onto the mall ıtself, just to have a lıttle look see. Wıthın a few steps past the foodcourt a well dressed man ın hıs mıd twentıes approached me and asked ıf I was a Malaysıan. He says that he had a few Malaysıan busıness frıends and that as a matter of fact he wıll be meetıng them at the hotel I am stayıng ın tomorrow.....

I chatted wıth hım untıll he ınvıted me for a cup of coffee whıch ıs when Jag's warnıng came to mınd. These conman wıll eıther spıke your coffee, sweets or cıgarettes and then rob you of whatever you have on you. Managed to excuse myself by way of sayıng that I am meetıng a frıend ın a few mınutes.

Phew, that was close. But, not two mınutes later as I was walkıng past the escalator another guy, sımılarly well dressed and I notıce, just lıke the fırst guy he had an over coat over hıs arm held ın front of hım. Thıs tıme he started by way of askıng for the tıme ın Turkısh. When I answered ın Englısh, he saıd that he thought I was a Japanese. Me, Japanese !!! Defınıtely thıs 2nd guy ıs an amateur because he was ın a hurry to get me to have coffee wıth hım. I just gave hım a curt no and walked hurrıedly ınto the supermarket. Got the toothpaste and hurrıed back to the hotel.

It ıs defınıtely off puttıng.

BTW, the guy in the picture above has nothing to do with being a con man. He is merely a street vendor selling fragrant steamed corn in the Sultanahmet Square.

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