Thursday, April 05, 2007

Aeroline to Singapore.

Took the Aeroline bus from Bandar Utama to Singapore on Monday and back on Wednesday. It took five hours approximately, in relative comfort compared to economy flight.

The only stop is at the Pagoh rest area. There are 5 other similar buses on that day. 3 from Aeroline, 1 from Airebus and 1 from Nice2. All executive coaches going to Singapore, all operating at full capacity.

On the way to Singapore we were served Subway Sandwiches which is easy to eat, though it would be better if they provided utensils for applying the sauces to the sandwiches. The fun starts on the way back from Singapore. Rice is served on a sizable tray (the seat tray is only about half its size). It was funny at the same time frustrating looking at the elderly couple seated in front of me trying to match the rhythm of the moving bus, shoving the food in their mouth and balancing their tray on the tiny seat tables.
All said, it was a nice comfortable journey and I would recommend it to those who are not in a hurry.

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Jamal Rahman said...

Wah! Gi Temasik....ada jumpa geng Stream SG tak?