Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Singapore Life.

Street cleaners (most likely a foreigner) going about his job with the morning rush hour as his background.
This trip, I noticed that there appears to be more elderly people roaming around the squares, flats, shopping malls and parks. They were there in the morning and still there when I came back in the evening. They don't look homeless, most likely just bidding their time. Another observation is that, whenever I look up at the flats, there will inadvertently be a face oblivious to the surrounding, looking far into the distance.

Taking a breather to fill his lungs with nicotine.

Had a meal at this place. It was opened in February 2007, as claimed by a large banner. Decent food but the service leaves a lot to be desired. There were not many customers yet my order took ages to arrive. To make matter worse, I saw it being delivered to another table instead of mine. Luckily, the food taste OK and the owner/cashier is courteous but I did tell him to buck up on services. Another thing that I find quite difficult to get used to is the fact that everything from fried noodles to fried rice to oxtail soups has to be bright red. Its not hot, just that the food is red in colour.

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The Ancient Mariner said...

Its some 'permissible' food colouring much used by the mamak stalls in S'pore which has always put me off.

Try eating with yr fingers and you'll have a tough time washing the 'inai' away.