Sunday, April 29, 2007

IKMAL AGM - faces.

Need to know maritime history, development, progress ? This da' man.

Need corporate advice or information ? This is the Dato' to consult.

Ports, maritime security, enforcement, pilotage etc ? These are the guys.

Legal matters, law issues, arbitration for your grouses ? Get Tuan Haji.

IKMAL COUNCIL MEMBERS 2007 elected and continuing from the 23rd AGM held on 28th April 2007

President : Capt. Hj. Tasripin Masotee (elected)

Vice President: Capt. Hassan Hj. Ali (elected)

Hon. Secretary: En Abdul Rahman Azubir (continuing)

Hon. Treasurer: Capt. Noor Apandi Osnin (elected)

Council Members:Michael P. W. Lee (continuing)

Capt. Andrew Cheah (continuing)

Dato' Capt. Abdul Rahim (elected)

Capt. Sukhbir Singh (elected)

Capt. Ahmad Jaafar Bahrom (elected)

Capt. Ahmad Kamal Kamarudin (appointed by President)

Capt. Khairul Anam (appointed by President)

Hon. Auditors: Capt. K. S. Tan and Capt. Manivannan (elected)


Abdul Aziz said...


The "caps' were NOT moving as "fast" as the jackets simply for the following reasons:

1) NO "bunga padi" (scrambled egss?) design on the caps!

2) Since I was putting on a cap that was "Custom-Made for moi in Kota Kinabalu" (at a cost of ONLY RM 33.00!) many thought that the ones Aziz was using was MUCH better than IKMAL ones;

3) Unlike I, many who have a thinning pate do NOT mind displaying it to the public! Aku "segan" sikit cos' mine is more like a landing strip for airplanes!


Apandi said...

Ha, ha, noted on the bunga padi thing - but this was more to target the "Putra IKMAL" segment, thats why its missing. Good to have you and your sales pitch on our side.