Friday, April 06, 2007

MTB - support needed.

The following is a recent post from nigelb99, a KLMBH member, a group that does mountain bike hashes. The way I see it, these guys aren't just doing this for MTBikers but also for the general public. The aim is to preserve and maintain whatever natural area that we have left in KL and Selangor, starting with Bukit Kiara. Please support this effort. For details go to MSN groups and look for KLMBH.

"This is a short note to update everyone on the formation of an Association to protect our trails in Bukit Kiara and elsewhere. The temporary committee has made a fair amount of progress over the last month or soThe Association will be called the Trails Association of KL and Selangor (TRAKS for short). Adil has made good start on the formalities of registering the association, and meanwhile we have been able to use the as-yet-unregistered Association as a means of representing our interests to DBKL and other official bodies.Jazlan has been working on membership plans. Ordinary membership will be open to everyone, for a nominal membership fee, and other clubs (eg Hashes, KLMBH, etc) will also be able to affiliate. We will be aiming to get 1000 ordinary members. Representatives of two of the KL Hashes were present at the last meeting and others Hashes have been invited to get involved and to affiliate with TRAKS. We will be approaching other trail-using organizations.Ying How and his trail committee have had a third meeting with DBKL, and these meetings continue to be constructive, although DBKL was not willing to place a temporary “stop order” on the clearing of further horse trails while our discussions continue. We will continue to meet with them and present our proposals for planning the trails and sharing them amongst all users (by segregation where necessary). Rob has also given some thought to safety and signage on the trails, based on experience elsewhere in the world, and this will be used as the basis of some recommendations to DBKL.As an initial event, we plan to organize another “clean up Kiara” day soon (removing the rubber tappers’ plastic bags, etc.) - hopefully this time with the support of DBKL. Details will follow, and volunteers will be welcome. Last year we removed almost a full dumpster load of bags, and the trails looked a lot better for it (for a while).Looking beyond Kiara, the recent announcement of a massive Selangor State Park is great news, and we have already had some very encouraging meetings with the management of the new park. They have made a clear distinction between “open forest” (such as FRIM) and “closed forest”, which would not normally be accessible to the public. However, the park management indicated that they would be willing to work with us to allow access to some of these areas, under certain conditions, and would even consider supporting events within the Park. Discussions are at an early stage, but we will obviously be following up on this.We will keep you informed as things develop.Nigel"

BTW, the picture is not of Kiara and it is not nigel either. Its of Dennis on a beautiful morning at RRI contemplating the days ride.


Jamal Rahman said...

It still green everywhere here in Kuantan. Come la....but all that will disappear soon as we also want to have you guys in Klang Valley are having.... :(

Mat Salo said...

Thanks for highlighting this Cap'n. Err..bole email yg ada gambar aku tak?... TQ

Eh Doc, blum ada LRT pon tengkok area Kuantan tu dah 'botak' nampak... PS you know the recent stories in paper re: Lojing. Apparently 'inside' sources kat bukan gambaq Lojing but tembeling. Guane kata tembeling authority kita?

Apandi said...

Bole, bole tapi kena tunggu aku upload dulu laaaa.

Jamal Rahman said...

Ntah la MS....but memang ada lodging activity kat tembeling. The pics look indifferent as any other logging sites.....the fallen trees... sigh!