Friday, April 13, 2007

Vista TEST2 & WOeS.

Create new post and new photo. This one seems to work. For now it is really dodgy to post on Vista. Will see if the issue can be resolved to meet same level of reliability as XP.

Spellchecking is fine.

Add photo is fine. Now whenever I log in to blogger, it insist on opening in another window instead of the original window or another tab. Lets see if I can add another picture to this post and delete the original picture. Seems to work fine.

2048hrs. 14-04-07.
Blogging is quite reliable now. Another issue crop up. Am unable to update windows as illustrated in the picture above. Request for assistance has been sent and am now waiting for Microsoft's response. Other programs updated themselves fine except windows, ironic.

0100hrs. 16-04-07
NOPE. Tried to post and a message appears saying that blogger lost connection...test connection failed - other sites are OK. These happen after photos has been uploaded and pasting text from MS Word 2007. Resetting IE7, changing security and privacy settings does not help. The most frustrating thing is that I lost all my entry but the photos stayed on in Picasa (where Blogger stored posted photos) which has to be manually deleted in order not to waste my storage quota. Recovering post also does not work. I don't think I can recommend upgrading - strike that - moving to Vista to anyone. Why ? Because, new things are supposed to work better, in this case, I can't even work !!!


Mat Salo said...

Eek Cap'n... love yr "old stories of old flames post". Yang "eek" ini I see an inordinate amt of blogspace citer pasai migration to Vista. I was at the Vista "Wow" launch in SG cupla months back. Wow? More like ho-hum. Lotsa unresolved issues. There's a class action suit in the YuEs for false advertizing ke apa. Personally Mac's Leopard outkicks Vista. Problem is anak veto tak banyak game on Mac's platform... sigh...

Apandi said...

Betullah tu. Blogging is still a pain. Am still waiting from Microsoft on their response.

Apandi said...

2345hrs. 19/04/07

Am still unable to blog either using IE7 or Firefox, even with all security off. Vista is definitely the culprit. Strangely, it allows pop up windows that I am posting this comment on.