Thursday, April 12, 2007

Virus, Crash, Crap.

It started yesterday when the PC became sluggish in opening and closing programs. Got worse this morning when I can't even turn it on. A notice keep coming saying that some program or other has taken the memory allocation or some other crap. Told admin to get it sorted out ASAP as all my work files are in there. Though I have chided the Ancient Mariner for not backing up when his new PC crashed recently, I am now in the same predicament. I did not have a recent back up. Work will be tough to continue. Then again, that provides a good excuse..... heh heh heh....

BTW, the picture was meant for some other stories that I am planning to tell but its the only picture that somehow remain on this laptop. Seems perfect for illustrating this blog, uphill struggle made bearable with some help.

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