Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Masak Lomak Cili Api.

Some basic ingredient for my favourite and also comfort food. Coconut milk (not the husk, tsk tsk), green lime and birds eye chili. You will also need some turmeric, lemongrass and of course the main ingredient itself. My favourite would be young tapioca leaves with smoked fish (ikan salai), smoked beef with belimbing besi, crab with young pineapple slices or the ultimate shrimp with bamboo shoots.
Eaten with steamed rice accompanied with salted fish, ulam (fresh greens) and the previously mentioned prawn paste salsa. Sweat will be produced and my being will be consumed in its taste, aroma and sensation as the hot gravy prods and jabs at my taste buds. Of course, the best will be made by dearly departed grandmother who first introduced this me.


Maria said...

Capt, describing is not enough. The real thing? Pictures?

The Ancient Mariner said...

My favourite dish too. Its not really pukka Nogori cuisine but has its roots in Portuguese Goa. I wrote about this in an early blog.

Apandi said...

The real thing ? You masak then I take the pictures then we eat, amacam ?

Not much pukka things left in this blessed land of ours lah bang, no matter, still makes my mouth water.