Friday, April 20, 2007

Vista Woes 3.

Am testing this post after clearing cache and cookies if FireFox. Spellchecking is fine. It still has not lost connection. Is this really going to work ?

Edit and post pictures OK ?

2257hrs. 20/04/07
Editing. Posting pictures.

Seems OK. Connection remains ?

What made it work:
  1. Use FireFox;
  2. Clear cache and cookies;
  3. Reboot and continue blogging;
  4. Antivirus and firewalls on.
Hopefully the woes is over.

1751hrs. 21/04/07
NOPE. Still not working. Yesterday was a fluke...

1759hrs. 21/04/07
Manage to edit post. Now I am almost certain that either Vista or blogger is possessed. Nothing is consistent. Lucky if I can publish otherwise Blogger says unable to return request or something. Am trying this in IE7 now. Strangely, FireFox can't display ?


Apandi said...

Hey, this seems to work. Lets see if it holds through for next few posts and edits.

Jamal Rahman said...

Thanks...XP will do just fine for now....

Apandi said...

Sighhhh, Letihlah. I thought it was resolved. Posted the pictures (luckily I pressed the publish button immediately), start typing and the bloody Blogger Lost Connection came again.

Apandi said...

Clear cache and cookies. Tried editing the MTB shots post. Press publish and blank page appears. Refresh and blogger comes up with:

We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

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I am eagerly awaiting assistance either from Microsoft or Blogger on this...

Apandi said...

Somehow manage to post pictures and edit text in the MTB shots. Now trying to post Practical Love, only manage to post pictures. Paste some text and voila, Blogger connection lost.