Saturday, April 28, 2007

Laksa ?

Birds eye chili.

Curry leaves.

Tamarind, still hanging from the tree. Not yet processed to make the brackish substance you see at the mamak shops.

These are some recent pictures taken around my mothers house. If she's up to it she will collect the tamarind and prepare them to be used in her cooking, most of it will be given away as she can only use so much. Typical of her, she will prepare a lot...

So, chili, curry leaves and tamarind. Basic ingredients for laksa ?

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Mat Salo said...

Cap't ko buek aku miss masal lomak cili padi jer, apo lagi den dah kek ateh kapal ni...

Sorry to menumpang an unrelented post. Just in case mekyam tak datang menjengok lagi.

This was my reponse in my blog:

First off, APOLOGIES are in order, Mek Yam. It sure sounds unfriendly, I agree. The thing is, it was unintentional on my part. I was only trying to "moderate" the blog (re: comments "spam" yang berjeler-jeler -see above) but when I went to settings tersalah tertekan butang agaknya. Plus I was travelling to my rig in the swamps of Mahakam Delta, so cut-off laa kejap. Now my net access has been restored, so I was finally able to correct it. I'm not that net-savvy anyway.

Ma'af sema'af-ma'af nya. So now I'm at least able to cut the spam.

I hate moderating by the way, because I believe in TOTAL freedom of speech in the blogosphere. But spams really tires you out i.e. "menyemak jo" esp. post2 yang irrelevant. I have no idea why I'm targeted. Ancient Mariner (see above again) thinks it's from the same person.

Betul takder kerja whoever they are...